Media Blvd Interviews Kristen Stewart

Media Blvd have recently interviewed Kristen Stewart on Adventureland and New Moon. Fresh questions, thankfully.

Heres just a little of what she had to say:

"I’m excited to get back into it. We pick up, right where we left off. I’m not creating a new character. I’m not trying to get into a head space, for the first time. And, I’m excited because the story is scaled down a little bit. Edward leaves Bella. The entire first movie is based on them being together, but if you take that away, there’s still a story, which I think is impressive. It’s not just these two characters who make it. She’s solitary. She’s entirely depressed. She matures. Taylor Lautner is still playing Jacob, and that’s the best thing. And, he’s buff too. That’s so important. He’s so good. In this film, we have to have a counterpart that is going to briefly outshine what was so great in the first one, which is a feat, and I think that he’s got it, so I can’t wait to see how he is able to pull Bella out of what he does. She’s like a zombie and he’s like the light. It’s such a tragic story. She’s like, “That’s who I should be with, but I’m totally in love with the guy I shouldn’t be with.” That’s how girls are."

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