Director Catherine Hardwicke thanks fans for making her 'Director's Notebook' No. 1

Catherine Hardwicke has a message for all her fans out there: Thanks for helping the movie and the book (and, really, everything else Twilight) hit No. 1! The filmmaker/author just found out that her Twilight: Director's Notebook will be at the top of Sunday's New York Times best-seller list, so she wrote a little note and shot a little video to commemorate the occasion. We present both to you, exclusively...

Dear Twilight fans,

I wanted to send out a note of thanks to all of you. I recently foundout that my book, Twilight: Director's Notebook, will debut at #1 onthis Sunday's New York Times bestseller list. I am stunned. Throughoutthis entire process, from pre-production on the film, to the premieres,to my book events, I have always been overwhelmed by the support theTwilight fans have had for me, the movie and now my book. I wanted togive the fans, as well as aspiring filmmakers, a closer look at how wemade the movie and I hope you enjoyed entering my world of making filmsas much as I have had in being part of the Twilight world.


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