Fans Anger Over Midnight Sun

TWILIGHT author Stephenie Meyer has said she may return to her unfinished book Midnight Sun, which she abandoned after it was leaked online....after two years.

We all knew this, if you didnt, there you have it.

Recently there has been alot of uproar regardng stephenies attitude towards her fans.

One fan says:
"It wasn't her fans' fault that this happened... someone that SHE gave these 12 chapters to somehow let it leak onto the internet. That's her fault, not her teen fans - and then who could blame these teenagers (who love her novels so much that they couldn't wait to read this one) read what was available online. They were looking for anything new that they could find in this world. Bottom line, she should stop making her fans feel like they have done something wrong. It was one of the people that she gave the copy to - one of the people that she thought she could trust. It was not a group of her teenage fans that let this one leak."

Another fan says:
"She has a really negative attitude. Why punish your fans that way? Just as quick as I bought her books and supported the movies, I can move on to something else.
Meyer seems to forget that without the internet, her books would've never have reached the popularity that they have achieved. She's a disappointment."

Midnight Sun, the fifth book in the saga, written to coincide Twilight, from Edwards point of view, was leaed onto the internet last year. Stephenie has requested that fans not read, and is angry that some may have.

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We here at TwilightSparrow support Stephenie with whatever choice she makes.

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