Bellas Truck Raising Money

The Twilight Parents Examiner has an interview with the owner of Bella’s truck from the Twilight movie.
“Sterling Biegart fits the image of a typical seventeen year old. She’s been involved in musical theater since she was six, she’s a responsible babysitter, and she has her college sights set on Yale or Julliard. But truthfully, she’s actually an old soul wrapped up in a Bella-aged body. And she’s about the luckiest girl around.
Sterling is the proud owner of Bella’s truck.”
Check it all out on Parents Examiner.


Twilight Makeup Hits The Stores

What Robert Pattinson is to Hollywood, “Twilight Beauty” will be to the makeup world. In other words, brace yourself for mass hysteria.
Stephenie Meyer’s book series and the “Twilight” film saga have inspired a range of beauty products.

You were probably as enraptured as I was by the vampires’ sparkly skin, flushed cheeks and juicy lips (especially Edward Cullen’s).
So it’s beyond fitting — and frankly, brilliant — that the phenomenon has spawned Twilight Beauty, which consists of two collections.
Creating the movie-tied makeup is Cristina Bartolucci, famous for her innovative beauty brand, DuWop. (Lip Venom ring a bell?)
Word is there will be a special “Twilight” edition of the cult-favorite lip plumper with one half of the tube’s vial’s contents resembling blood.
Better yet, the cast apparently wears the makeup in the second movie installment: “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” out November 20.

There’s two collections, LunaTwilight and Volturi, I’ll hit you with the highlights.

LunaTwilight is the more luxurious of the two offerings — the packaging is heartbreakingly gorgeous and the formulas are more
sophisticated than the alternate collection.
I hate to tease you with some of the the product names before they’re available, but let’s be honest, I can’t help myself and you can’t wait: “First Light Body Glow,” “Mortal Glow Blushing Creme” and Color Palettes in “Bella,” “Rosalie,” “Alice” and “Victoria.” (I can’t wait to see “Alice” — she was my favorite.)Volturi, the other Twilight Beauty collection, will strike a chord with those who’ve read the book.The Volturi is the most feared and powerful coven of vampires, and that same dark, exciting sensibility can be felt in its products.
The Volturi family crest appears on the packaging and some standouts include “Deity Body Lotion,” “Immortal Body Shimmer” and “Crown Mascara” (shown left).Everything I’ve seen can only be described as elegant and wicked.Twilight Beauty will be available on its own site: TwilightBeauty.com, which isn’t live yet and an official launch date for the products has not been announced (though, it looks like it will be timed around the movie’s release), so stay tuned.

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