RPattz Cougar Alert!

As though poor Rob Pattinson didn't have enough trouble keeping his young female fans at bay, now it appears he's a magnet for insatiable hordes of older women.
At least if you can rely on the merchants who are reporting a run on RPattz cardboard cutouts proclaiming the Nov. 20 coming of New Moon.

With Rob's security detail in Vancouver last reported at full throttle as the Twilight: Eclipse shoot winds down this week, there seems to be no stopping the ravenous image thieves in the U.S. Department store clerks are reporting the Cullen cut-outs are being pilfered by older women at a disturbing rate, reports the inestimable Limelife.com.

The website quotes a Nordstrom employee's outraged plaint: "We can't keep them in the store. People keep coming in and stealing Rob and Taylor! And it's usually middle-aged women."
It shows how desperate for Rob's attention they are. Imagine a woman, say 40 years old, darting from her walker long enough to nab a cardboard effigy of her favourite bloodsucker. Good times, tonight, granny!

Meanwhile, back in Canada, the flesh-and-blood Pattinson reportedly has girl problems with a certain 19-year-old, if we're to believe Britain's venerable OK! magazine, whose entitled exclamation mark precludes any doubt.

ROB-sessed Release Date Set

To mark the release date of ROB-sessed (out Nov 10). We thought we'd give you ladies something to drool over....

Click here for more details.

Just a week or so prior to the premiere of New Moon, this DVD will take fans inside the life of a British actor that has gone from relative obscurity to global fame in just over a year.
It's hard to determine how much information there could be on Pattinson, at this point in his young life, but it's safe to assume fans will be happy as long as his face is shown often.
That's certainly the case during the movie's official trailer.

Please be aware however, TwilightSparrow does not condone loud, girlish screaming, nor do we delight in the fact that Twilights star also happens to be seen as the worlds hottest mammal. Enjoy!


MTV Introduce Pumpkin Contest Finalist #1!

It seems everyones having a pumpkin contest nowadays. Unfortunately there are far too many for us to report on, but for this entry - we're willing to make an exception.

MTV's #1 Finalist Christie, Jessup, Maryland created the masterpiece below. We here at Twilight Sparrow, were blown away with it, we just had to share it with you.

MTV went on further to interview Christie;

"HOLLYWOOD CRUSH: If you were to get the chance to describe your pumpkin to Robert Pattinson himself, what would you tell him about it?

CHRISTIE: If I had the chance to describe my pumpkin to Robert Pattinson (assuming I could put more than two words together while looking at him!), I would tell him that it is my tribute to the wonderful job he has done in bringing Edward Cullen to life on screen, and a sign of my impatience as I am waiting for the release of "New Moon."

HC: How did you decide on that specific Robert look?

The amount of emotion he can portray in a single facial expression or a single word amazes me. Although I certainly do appreciate Robert's beauty when he is not in character, I really love Edward's look for "New Moon" over "Twilight," especially in the "New Moon" movie poster.

HC: If you could title your pumpkin what would you call it?

My personal tagline for "New Moon": When forever is no longer an option, how do you survive?"

We like to think you'll sit back and ponder that hard Twi-Fans.

Well done CHRISTIE!


Twilight Up For A Peoples Choice Award!

Twilight is up for several categories in the People’s Choice Awards. The movie itself, actors, and musical artists are all nominated. And since it’s the People’s Choice Awards, if you think someone else deserves a nomination, you get to write them in!
So check out the awards, and express your opinion!

Twilight Lexicon Pumpkin Comp Extended

Twilight Lexicon are hosting their very own Pumpkin Carving Competition;

"The Lexicon is sponsoring its own Halloween pumpkin carving contest. Ours isn’t limited to just Rob, or even Twilight. We want pumpkins that depict the entire world of Stephenie Meyer: Twilight, The Host, even Stephenie herself. Send a photo of your World of Stephenie Meyer pumpkin to twilightlexiconcontest@gmail.com by 11:59pm est October 30, 2009. We’ll announce the winners on Halloween. We’ll give out prizes from our Cafe Press store to one person in each of the following categories: Best Book Cover(s), Best Movie Related, and Most Unique."

So to give everyone a fair chance at the contest they are extending the deadline to 11;59pm est October 30, 2009.

Check out www.twilightlexicon.com for more details, or click here for full info.

The Movie Fanatic; Profile Chris Weitz

The Movie Fanatic, one of the very few websites to clue into the Twilight phenomena early on has a great article addressing the different hurdles that Chris Weitz faces as director. TMF always provides great analysis and more than the brief soundbite commentary.
“In a recent interview, it was noted that “Chris Weitz, who also writes and produces, sometimes with his brother Paul, had done a fantasy adaptation in 2007’s “The Golden Compass” and felt a connection to the material.” Also, there is one particular segment of the moviegoing public that Summit wants to impress – the male audience who have been lukewarm (another word might be hostile) in their reception of Twilight.
In this article, tMF will also attempt to find some answers to three specific questions: Can he make a difference and give the fans what they really want? Can he entice this ‘hostile’ group into watching New Moon? Can Weitz level the playing field between Taylor Lautner and the very popular Robert Pattinson?”