RPattz Cougar Alert!

As though poor Rob Pattinson didn't have enough trouble keeping his young female fans at bay, now it appears he's a magnet for insatiable hordes of older women.
At least if you can rely on the merchants who are reporting a run on RPattz cardboard cutouts proclaiming the Nov. 20 coming of New Moon.

With Rob's security detail in Vancouver last reported at full throttle as the Twilight: Eclipse shoot winds down this week, there seems to be no stopping the ravenous image thieves in the U.S. Department store clerks are reporting the Cullen cut-outs are being pilfered by older women at a disturbing rate, reports the inestimable Limelife.com.

The website quotes a Nordstrom employee's outraged plaint: "We can't keep them in the store. People keep coming in and stealing Rob and Taylor! And it's usually middle-aged women."
It shows how desperate for Rob's attention they are. Imagine a woman, say 40 years old, darting from her walker long enough to nab a cardboard effigy of her favourite bloodsucker. Good times, tonight, granny!

Meanwhile, back in Canada, the flesh-and-blood Pattinson reportedly has girl problems with a certain 19-year-old, if we're to believe Britain's venerable OK! magazine, whose entitled exclamation mark precludes any doubt.

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