Doctor on call.

TWILIGHT actor Peter Facinelli said he'd love to star as Doctor Who to complete his trilogy of recent doctor roles.

Peter said: "I wish we had Doctor Who in America."
"Everyone in UK was raving about it when I came over for the conference. I’d love to watch it. Or even star as the Doctor in a film. I could even get a long stripy scarf!"

The 35-year-old actor also said he was looking forward to playing scatterbrained Dr Cooper in new US show Nurse Jackie but reckons his Twilight alter-ego Carlisle Cullen would be mortified by Dr Cooper's slapdash medical skills.
"Dr Cooper in Nurse Jackie is completely different from Dr Carlisle as Cooper is always on the edge.
"You’d be pretty scared if he were you doctor. One day he could cure you by removing your tumour and then next he could take your ear off.
"He’s pretty neurotic and his mind isn’t on the operation. Carlyle is much more of a rock and much more focussed on his job and would think Cooper is a bumbling mess."

Peter will start filming this week for New Moon.

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