RPattz Stinks...Apparently

Recent reports by MTV, the Sun Times and others are attacking Twilight, New Moon, and Little Ashes star Robert Pattinson for his personal hygiene.

Bill Zwecker from the Chicago Sun Times writes;

"On the one hand, there's buzz from some staffers that the British actor's 'typical European aversion of daily showers' has people sticking up their noses in disgust every time they get close enough to get a whiff of him." Despite official denials such as those from co-star Kristen Stewart's people saying (with latent pun) "Hogwash" and "Where do these stories come from?" Zwecker still maintains 'Having listened to all this, I must report several colleagues who did Twilight interviews last fall did claim Pattinson threw off a bit of a stench.' This, Zwecker states beyond the assertion by a "New Moon rep" that "It must really be a slow news day."

We here at TwiSparrow send our love to Rob, and his clearly WASHED hair.

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